Republicans in Harford County are regularly meeting for events, and would love to meet you! We host diverse meetings of like-minded voters around the county – try a group, and join in the activities! 

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    RCCHC Fall 2019 Century Club Reception!


    Click here to register for the RCCHC Fall 2019 Century Club Reception! 


    Century Club Fall


    The Century Club, Harford County’s longest standing Republican patron organization, was inaugurated as a gathering place for Republicans to exchange ideas, discuss issues and raise funds to further the conservative agenda in Harford County. Today, the Century Club helps build the Harford County Republican Party by providing funds for voter registration, advocacy, candidate recruitment, and victory.

    The reestablishment of the Century Club Reception in 2014, was a crucial element in providing monetary and volunteer support for the sweeping Republican victories in the November 2014 elections. The Harford County Republican Party would like to invite you to be part of this select group that continues to shape the future of Harford County.

    Lifetime memberships are availiable. Please contact us at for more info.

    Life Members and 2019 Spring Annual Members are FREE to this event. New 2019 Members are welcome.


    Click here to register for the RCCHC Fall 2019 Century Club Reception!